Duynplant is an environmentally conscious nursery! In total we grow 8 plant varieties, apportioned over 850,000 plants per year.

Duynplant is a nursery of 42,000m2

After we started with the Yucca from Central America in 1992, we decided to cultivate Zamioculcas in 1995. When Duynplant started growing the Zamioculcas, it stimulated the growth of the popularity of the Zamioculcas. At the Harteveldlaan in Honselersdijk, all pot sizes are cultivated, from a cutting to a beautiful fully grow plant ready for your living room.

On an annual basis, around 850,000 plants are produced in our nursery. The nursery consists of a floor space of 42,000m2. Duynplant is a real day trade grower, with two delivering moments per day.

In the Duynplant branch in the De Lier, we are growing Livistona, Cordyline, Aglaonema, Dracaena and a number of other plants. The Livistona originates from Sri Lanka and the Cordyline finds its origin in the tropics. At Duynplant, these beautiful plants are further cultivated, after which you can experience the jungle in your own living room! The Cordyline comes in 6 different leaf colours. They each have their own last name: namely Kiwi, Rumba, Tango, Mambo, Glauca and Conga.


Decorum is a quality brand to which 60 growers are affiliated, whom sell their best quality under the Decorum brand. Decorum itself selects the companies it would like to associate with the brand. This is an indication of how strict the quality standards of the brand are. The quality standard is even above the VBN standard. The overall appearance, the large numbers that are being sold and the good quality make Decorum a very strong brand. Read more about Decorum at www.decorumplantsflowers.com 

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